About us

We help digital marketers grow their businesses while saving time and money by using the power of AI.

Our platform uses a proven formula backed by AI content creation to optimize your content and get seen by your right audience, so you can get more click-throughs, more subscribers, and more engagement in a fraction of the time it takes you today to create a blog post.

Our History

Bramework is created by digital marketers and bloggers. We had been manually writing blogs and testing the right blog titles, keyword search process, blog lengths, SEO, layout, meta tags, and image alt text for our businesses.


Because we were trying to use the resources we had to help us get more customers to grow our small business, our team, and our revenue!

We needed an inexpensive and efficient way to reach and serve more customers to scale our businesses while not compromising our limited time.

So after years of writing, we finally discovered a formula that took our websites from 1,000 to over 100,000 monthly sessions (and growing) within 90 days – and our revenue steadily grew too!

After using this formula for a couple of years and getting so many people asking us how to do it for their own businesses, we decided to create a software to do it for you!

We believe you can increase your brand using blogs, so you can reach more customers and grow your business – and it shouldn’t take a lot of time.

Our mission is to empower your message to reach a larger audience, faster.