Bramework WordPress Plugin – Beta

Step 1 – Downloading Bramework Plugin

Log into your WordPress website. From the left navigation bar, go the plugin section and click “Add New”. Then from the right search bar input “bramework” and enter to search.

Bramework download WordPress plugin

Step 2 – Install and Activate Bramework Plugin

Next, click to activate and install the plugin.

Bramework install WordPress plugin

Step 3 – Connect Bramework and WordPress

From the left navigation bar, go to the Bramework section and click “Connect”. Then wait while the authorize page loads.

Connect Bramework and WordPress

Step 4 – Authorize Bramework and WordPress Connection

If you’re already logged into Bramework, click the “Authorize” button to connect then “Continue to Bramework”.

If you’re not logged in, please log in, then click the “Authorize” button to connect then “Continue to Bramework”.

You’ll be redirected to the Bramework integration page. There you can confirm your connection.

Authorize Bramework quick connect
1. Authorize
Continue to Bramework app
2. Continue to Bramework
Confirm Bramework WordPress integration
3. Confirm connection

Step 5 – Publish Your Post

Now go to any post you’d like to publish to your WordPress site, select all required field and publish.

Publish post from Bramework to WordPress

If you’re experiencing any issues, please contact us and we’ll gladly walk you through the integration process.

Tell us about your experience and leave us some feedback here.

Thanks for using Bramework!

Updated: April 26, 2022