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“What I like about this tool is that it’s so easy to use and understand. I can quickly decide if I should write about a topic.”

Liz – Blogger

“Overall, I think the step-by-step guide works really well, because it’s easy to use for the average non-blogger.”

Ivo – Digital Marketer

“I think Bramework is an awesome platform. The functionality is smooth and the interface is sleek. The platforms helps with the writing process.”

Denise – Marketing Coordinator

“Bramework is a game changer for content marketers and SEO specialists, saves me hours of research and writing time.

Ish – SEO Specialist

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No More Writer’s Block

Does it take you hours to write one blog post? 

You have to do keyword research, come up with a title, create an outline, write content, find images, and more – praying that the Google gods will rank your post.

Bramework takes care of all those tedious steps and helps you write a quality long-form blog post faster than ever.

Never stare at a blank page or Google doc again!

Keyword Research Made Simple

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to get the right people to see your content.

So stop wasting time using dozens of tools to figure out if this keyword and topic is worth writing about. 

Our Keyword Analyzer give you phrases, trends, and common questions people are searching for online.

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Increase Brand Awareness

You will not win with marketing, if your brand lacks a strong online presence.

Bramework does this by helping you get your first draft done quickly. Taking the pressure off writing and brainstorming.

Reach new readers, boost website traffic, and spread your brand’s message.

How Does it Work?

Write faster, better and smarter in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Enter your primary keyword or topic.


Step 2. Select or add additional keywords or questions you’d like to cover in your post.


Step 3. Click create and within seconds your outline is generated by our AI writer and ready for your personal touch.

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