Create Your Blog Post in Half the Time 

Bramework software automatically suggest titles, headings, finds images, and even formats the post based on the topic you select. Save Time, Improve SEO, and Increase Brand Awareness!

Optimize Your Post


Stop wasting time trying to figure out if this keyword is worth writing about. Bramework helps you with keyword analysis to rank higher on search engines.

Our Keyword Analyzer tool recommends keywords and phrases, provides trends, and shows top competing articles to improve your SEO and build brand awareness for your business. 

Start using the Keyword Analyzer today!

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Write Your Post in Minutes

For most people it takes hours to create one post when outside of writing your content, you have to do keyword analysis, create an outline, find images, and SEO  – just to hope your blog ranks high on Google.

That’s why Bramework does it all for you! You write the content, Bramework does the rest! 

Bramework takes the thinking out of creating your blog post, so you can focus more on what really matters – attracting and serving customers.

Increase Brand Awareness

Produce content faster and consistently, so you stay at the top of Google search results and customers find you.

Share your expertise with fresh content regularly, so you build and maintain a successful brand for your business.

Our B Navigator™ (coming soon) will show you how to better optimize your post to rank higher, so you get the traffic and exposure you really want.

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