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Bramework AI content generator automatically suggests titles, creates blog posts, finds images, and even formats the post based on the topic you select.

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Write Your Post in Minutes

For most people it takes hours to create one post when you have to do keyword analysis, create an outline, write content, find images, and SEO  – just to hope your blog ranks high on Google.

That’s why Bramework does it all for you, including generating draft content using Bramework’s AI-powered Content Creator!

Never stare at a blank page or google doc again!

“I think Bramework is an awesome platform. The functionality is smooth and the interface is sleek. The platforms helps with the writing process.”

Denise – Marketing Coordinator

Increase Brand Awareness

Produce content faster and consistently, so you stay at the top of Google keyword searches and customers find you.

Share your or your client’s expertise with fresh content regularly, so you build and maintain a successful brand for your businesses.

“Overall, I think the step-by-step guide works really well, because it’s easy to use for the average non-blogger.”

Ivo – Digital Marketer

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How Does it Work?

Bramework creates your blog post in minutes with just 3 simple steps.

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Step 1. Enter your primary keyword or topic.


Step 2. Select or add additional keywords or questions you’d like to cover in your post.


Step 3. Click create and within minutes your draft is created by our AI writer and ready for your edits and personal touch.

Beta Access

Free 7-day trial!

- Get 4 Free Blog Posts -