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Bramework is an easy-to-use AI writer that helps bloggers, freelancers, and agencies save hours per blog post.

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Get Your Free AI-Generated Blog Outline

Get Your free AI-generated Blog Outline

Join thousands of Bloggers, Freelancers, and Agencies using Bramework to save hours of time writing blogs!

Writer’s Block

The hardest part of writing blog posts is usually getting started. Instead of staring at a blank page while the clock ticks, Bramework AI writer helps you generate titles, outlines, and paragraphs in seconds with a structured workflow to streamline your writing process.

  • Choose a topic
  • Select some keywords
  • Get an AI generated outline and intro

“Now I’m not starting from a blank slate. Once I know what I’m writing about I just pick the keywords and from there Bramework helps me generate headlines and the outline. I’m writing five times as much now.”

Candice Z.

Freelance Blogger

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Improve Your Blogs
for SEO

Bramework makes keyword research and optimizing your blogs for SEO simple. With Semrush integration built right in, you can quickly select keywords and create SEO-friendly blogs with a better chance of ranking in Google.

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“I created my first blog post yesterday using Bramework and I loved it! It was so fast and easy, and I LOVED that we can do keyword and SERP analysis right in the same platform.”

Janice H.

Marketing Strategy Consultant

Grow Your
Business Faster

Whether you’re writing blogs for yourself or for clients, Bramework AI writer helps you pump out high quality content in a fraction of the time. So you can write more content, take on more clients, and grow your business without having to burn the candle at both ends.

“Bramework helped me go from 2-3 hours to write a blog post to getting it done in 20 minutes. It helped me grow my own blogs faster and be able to handle more client work.”

Andrei C.

Owner of Digital Inbound Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Bramework is ideal for people that write blogs – this includes freelance writers, bloggers creating content for their own websites, and agencies offering blog writing services. Bramework is not ideal for people writing content other than blogs such as books, whitepapers, or website copy.

Not necessarily. Bramework is designed to generate content that follows best SEO practices to help your articles perform well in search engines, but there are many other factors such as your current website DA (Domain Authority) and competitiveness of the keywords. While some Bramework customers are able to rank on the first page of Google with their AI generated content, others may not have the same results.

You do! We help you get started and generate content, but you own the rights to it.

Bramework AI content generator is powered by GPT-3 and our proprietary algorithms using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide you high quality content.

99% of the time the AI creates duplicate-free content, but even robots aren’t perfect.

Ready to work SMARTER, not harder?

Join the thousands of writers using Bramework to write blogs 5 times faster!