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7 Best AI Writers to Help You Write Blogs Faster and Grow Your Blog

At some point, every blogger stares blankly at their (even more) blank Google doc.

Writer’s block to the point you can feel the pressure on your brain, struggling to string the words needed to get the blog started. Of course, once we start, we can’t stop!

But getting to the point of starting is frustrating. That’s where an AI writer can help jump-start the process. Don’t worry; AI-assisted writing isn’t here to replace you. It’s here to help you produce high-quality content faster.

The right AI writing assistant helps you get more blogs published, which can double or triple your traffic.

That’s why we’ve researched far and wide to bring you the best AI writers out there today.

What is an AI Writer?

An AI writer is a computer program that can create all sorts of written content. AI writers are used to create blogs, novels, news articles, or any other type of text, long or short-form. 

AI writers are only as good as the information it is given. Any AI writing assistant will have a team of humans feeding it information, coding, and nurturing it to ensure it can produce high-quality and relevant content.

See? They can’t replace humans. They need us!

The Benefits of AI Writers

AI writing assistant software has several benefits and one caveat. Let’s start with the benefits.

AI Eliminates Writer’s Block

Starting a blog is the hardest part of writing. If you get writer’s block, you can input your blog topic or a theme related to your blog into an AI writer, and it will produce texts and prompts that serve as an inspiration and save you time.

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AI Makes You More Money

The minutes or hours you save using an AI writer means you can get your blog written faster and produce more content in the same amount of time. And if you’re writing for your clients, this increases your profitability per blog AND capacity to take on more work. For anyone trying to monetize their own blog, you can start churning out more blogs and getting the traffic needed to make good money.

AI Does Not Plagiarize

A competent AI writing assistant produces text that cannot be found anywhere on the internet (unless it’s factual information like the color of grass). This is a huge time-saver and ensures the work you’re submitting is one of a kind! Keep in mind that this is true for 99% of the time. Even robots aren’t perfect!

Bramework plagiarism checker which best AI writers need to have

Write blog posts 5X faster!

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AI Helps with SEO

Some AI writing assistants will create content containing keywords crucial to your blog. They don’t spam the keyword and blend them in naturally and organically, which is very helpful. And they can assist with keyword suggestions. And some AI writers like Bramework, even include additional SEO features to help your blogs rank better in Google.

AI Organizes Your Thoughts

Do you ever know exactly what you want to write but can’t get the order and structure sorted? Or does your brain ping off random but relevant ideas related to the blog, but you find they’re still some gaps that need filling? AI helps. 

You’ll find AI pleasantly surprising you with ideas and content structure you may not have thought of, allowing you to get on with the blog.

The Caveat to Using an AI Writer

AI writing assistants are great, but there is one caveat.

You can’t blindly copy and paste what an AI writing assistant produces for you. To make your blog unique, you need to add your own personality into the writing to make the writing shine with a healthy dose of you! The same applies when writing for clients. You want the blog to represent their brand voice.

Additionally, you need to fact-check the content written by an AI writer. While the content is generated based on other content existent on the internet, it’s important for you to do your own research and edit the content to ensure what you’re going to publish is accurate.

AI is a tool to help you write faster and generate ideas quicker – it doesn’t do the entire job for you but gives you a significant head start.

Google technically identifies AI content as spam. This is not a huge worry because Google’s own algorithm is not totally qualified to differentiate between human and AI words. 

As long as you thoroughly proofread and edit the blog instead of just using what the AI generates for you, you should be fine.

That said, here are 7 of the best AI writers to consider adding to your blog writing toolkit.

1. Bramework

We’re obviously going to include our very own AI writer!

Bramework ai writing assistant is the best AI writer

In all seriousness, we think it’s the best AI writer for bloggers. Bramework was created by bloggers for bloggers, so our features are carefully built in a way we know will make life easier for a blogger.

Bramework handles the entire blog writing process with you:

  • Keyword Research powered by Semrush
  • Title generator
  • Outline generator
  • Paragraph generator
  • Rephase
  • Summarize
  • Write steps or a listicle
  • Add images from Unsplash
  • SEO optimization tools
  • Give the AI prompts using Commands
  • Update your blog status to hand off to editors
  • Publish your blog post via WordPress integration

Let’s start with keyword research, often the first step in planning a blog. Our keyword research tool powered by Semrush combines the features of Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends. Type in the topic, title, or theme of your blog and it’ll give you the volume, competition, trends, and difficulty of the keyword. 

It’s not about appearing on Google but appearing on its first page! The difficulty score tells you how easy or hard it will be to outrank an existing post in your category that is currently in Google’s top 10. 

So, if your chosen keyword is too difficult, Bramework will suggest alternatives that are easier to rank for, along with other relevant data like the volume of searches and secondary keyword suggestions. This enables you to carefully choose keywords to increase your chances of ranking. 

After selecting your keyword, you’re ready to get the help of Bramework’s AI writer to help you generate a title, outline, and paragraphs for each header, and then add images!

Bramework screenshot showing a generated paragraph for the header "use images". One of the best AI writers.

As you’re writing and editing your blog post, you can use Bramework to rephrase the content, summarize, write steps, create a listicle, and more! You can even get Bramework to write email copy and social media posts to promote your blog post using the Commands feature.

With Bramework, you’ll have a high-quality and optimized blog written up to 5 times faster than without AI.

Price: Starting $17/per month on the Basic annual plan

Pros: 7-day free trial, unlimited words feature, SEO assistant

Cons: It’s specifically for blog writing so if you’re looking for an AI writer to do more than write blogs, this may not be for you, though you can write email copy, social media posts, etc using the Commands feature.

What people say: Excellent first impression! This one really impressed me. I was able to write an 800-word text in less than 10 minutes. Rafarf, via AppSumo

2. Jasper

Jasper is probably the most popular AI writing assistant out there, and it has several templates for blog writers. Whether you’re struggling with your headline, subheadings, outline, intro, or conclusion, Jasper has a separate template for each element of a blog and, more recently, is beta-testing writing an entire blog in one hit.

The two features that stood out to us the most were ‘explain it to a child’ and ‘text summarizer’.

Explaining it to a child is perfect for making complex ideas accessible to a specific audience. You can choose an ‘output grade’ of between 1-8. From top to bottom, we tested grades 8,5, and 1 in simplifying and explaining augmented reality. 

Jasper AI explain like a child template

The text summarizer can exponentially speed up your creative writing process. Say your blog is trying to summarize a study that’s 5 pages long. Just copy and paste it into text summarizer and it’ll tell you the key facts and figures for you in bullet point form.

It can’t do the summary for you but will allow you to pick out important facts that matter to your blog to which you can add your own analysis. You might need to hit generate a couple of times to get a comprehensive output.

Price: $40 per month for 35,000 words

Pros: Multiple features dedicated to different aspects of blog writing

Cons: Very expensive. You have no choice but to buy more words when you reach your limit.

What people say: Overall, I find this a very useful tool. However, it does appear to take some time and effort to ensure that the content generated actually is actually applicable to what you’re trying to say. Heather Cunningham, via Trustpilot

3. CopyAI

Copy.ai was one of the first AI writing assistants on the market and gained significant popularity. The interface is very easy to use, and the ability to separate and save AI content by project is a nice touch.

It has 7 blog specific tools including an intro, conclusion, and ideas generator. The feature we liked the most is the ‘bullet point to blog’ generator. Give Copy.ai 6-7 words and it’ll churn out a well-written paragraph. You can also choose the tone of the output, making it perfect for when you know what you want to write but can’t quite string something together!

CopyAI long form blog post wizard

Despite 90 templates, only a handful are for blog writing. This AI tool shines more in short-form content, such as product descriptions and writing headlines for Google and Facebook ads.

Price: $420 per year

Pros: Supports over 20 languages, good customer support

Cons: Limited for blogging and even more limited for SEO.

What people say: It’s pretty good. The responses could be less specific, it’s pretty obvious that the AI is learning through our own use. This is both great and very inconvenient. Anonymous Cunningham, via Trustpilot

4. Scalenut

Scalenut promises to write an entire blog for you in five minutes! Let’s test it, shall we?

All you have to give the tool is your primary SEO keyword and secondary SEO keywords and you’ll get sent to the equivalent of an AI kitchen where you can watch your content ‘brew’ through the different stages.

While it’s cooking, you can use the box on the left to tell more about your blog to increase the relevancy of the output.

Scalenut cruise mode SEO report for long-form blog post writer

Once complete, hit ‘Create title’ (bottom right) and choose a title. You can write your own or choose from their suggestions, which are pretty enticing:

Scalenut AI-generated titles

On the next screen, you choose your headings and subheadings (either your own or AI generated) and you’ll have your blog!

The writing is very professional and fits the topic we chose. You don’t have to settle for what it gives you. Writers can go back to previous settings and add/edit/delete headings to create new sections or use the existing content to expand on.

Price: $12 per month for 100,000 words

Pros: Detailed SEO reports.

Cons: Produces complex sentences that need editing and it doesn’t allow you to select the audience you’re writing for, which means the content may be accurate but miss the audience mark and require heavy editing.

What people say: Its SEO Assistant provides in-depth reporting and content analysis of Google’s top 30 search results, including the use of NLP terms and examples of each word. Shimul, via Trustpilot

5. LongShot AI

When registering for LongShot AI we got a little excited because the app tells you to build your own profile.

You choose your profession, the type of content you’re writing (we chose blogs), and the topics you will be writing on – so we thought the AI starts learning from the off – but we’re struggling to see how that plays a part when its time to start writing!

Nevertheless, the app has some cool features. Although it has all the usual blog generating settings you’d expect, its strengths lie in the app’s ability to polish a blog post.

We enjoyed playing with the text extender and paragraph shredder features, which help you either cut down the words (and the fluff) or expand on an idea – the latter ideal if you need some inspiration. 

Longshot AI text extender feature

We looked forward to experimenting with the ‘fact checker’ setting which is “better than Google” (their words) but it fell short. We typed in an obvious lie, ‘grass is purple’ and it validated it as fact! So, some work is required there.

Price: Free plan

Pros: Great at editing a blog, whether to make it concise or expand on certain ideas.

Cons: Some features need polishing.

What people say: It is a great idea and might be a very useful tool. but some features need some additional work to make them usable. Marius via Trustpilot

6. Rytr

Rytr has one of the most comprehensive sets of features of any other AI writer – but not many blogging options.

Rytr won’t write a full blog for you but specializes in helping freelancers write specific blog sections – we guess you could write a whole blog using their ‘blog section’ tool for each paragraph you need- but you might end up using your credits faster than you like!

The blog section writer is pretty good. You choose your tone, section topic, and section keyword. 

The ‘creativity level’ setting (bottom right) was fun. There are six settings and it lets you choose how factual you want the information to be.

See the below example. The top paragraph is the least factual and the bottom is the most factual:

Rytr long-form blog post editor

We fact-checked the ‘most factual’ setting and it was wrong! That’s nothing alarming, though, many AI writers don’t get factual information correct all the time so it’s always good to double-check it with other sources.

Price: Free plan 

Pros: Good for people who need a high volume of words

Cons: Vague outputs and limited blogging tools. For instance, you can only write a blog section whereas other AI writers have specific tools for blog intros and conclusions.

What people say: It’s not perfect, but it creates ideas based on outlines that I created prior to writing. Jake, via Trustpilot

7. CopySmith

CopySmith is primarily built for large in-house marketing teams and agencies but there is quite a bit of value for the freelance blogger too.

We love the blog ideas generator. Just type in a keyword, hit generate and you’ll have blog titles and outlines ready for the entire month. Hit generate a few more times and you could have blogs sorted for the year!

That’s quite handy for freelancers who don’t want to write on an ad-hoc basis and would like to secure a long-term client by impressing them with a content plan.

The blog ideas generator makes it super easy to create a content plan for clients and secure them for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Bloggers can also specify the keyword they want to rank for and it’ll take it into consideration – the more specific your keyword, the better suggestions it’ll generate. 

CopySmith is geared toward e-commerce writers so we thought we’d test it out for that word, here’s what we got:

Copysmith long-form blog post editor

Once you’ve chosen your preferred title and outline, you can simply highlight it and click ‘extend’ and it’ll start writing the entire post out!

Be warned, credits expire if not used in time, which is annoying!

Price: $19 per month

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: Pricing is based on credits that expire. If you don’t use the credits in time you lose them for good.

What people say: The AI and a helpful interface work together to give you an excellent tool for ramping up content production. Vlad via G2

How to Choose the Best AI Writer

With plenty of AI writers to choose from, what works for you depends on several circumstances.


Obviously, budget plays a major (perhaps the only) role in your decision-making process. You’d have to consider the impact of an investment in an AI writer on your profitability and calculate an acceptable ROI.

Say an AI writer costs $17 per month and you’re charging a client $70 per article. One blog takes you six hours to write without AI but only two hours with AI. Your output is now three times as fast.

You can now write three blogs at the same time it took you to write one increasing your earnings from $70 to $210. With a $17 monthly investment, you’re able to earn $140 more in the same six-hour timeframe. That’s not a bad ROI considering you could write even more!

This is only a representative example. The best thing for you is to do a free trial and gather more accurate data before making a decision.

Feature availability

Do you provide services beyond blog writing?

Many AI writing assistants provide templates for social media captions and ad headlines, so there’s an economy of scale to consider. It’s best to figure out your wishlist of what features you want and value the most in an AI writer, and then evaluate.

Quality vs Volume

Some AI writers produce words in a specific tone or can learn your style over time, whilst others are volume-based.  Think about what’s more important to you. 

Customer Service

If you want to be able to get quick help when you need it when using an AI writer, do some research to figure out what customers are saying about their customer service – do they offer support?

Do you have to be on a specific paid plan to get support?

How quickly do they get back if you have questions?

This is also something you can evaluate during your free trial – try asking their customer service team a question and see how fast they get back to you and how helpful their response is. 

You don’t want to get caught choosing the cheapest option if you know that you will have a hard time getting a response from support if you get stuck.

Read the Reviews and Leverage the Free Trials

Reviews from fellow users can be valuable in aiding your decision-making process. It is recommended to seek out reviews from individuals who use the AI writer in a similar manner to your intended use.

Bramework amazing customer review featuring keyword research to so many other and is one of the best AI writers in the market today

For example, reviews from an advertising agency using AI for copywriting may not be applicable to a blogger primarily using AI for blog writing.

Final Thoughts

Though an AI writer can help you write blogs faster, it is important to consider your needs before settling on the best AI writer for you. Remember, though an AI writer may be able to produce error-free copy quickly, they will not replace human writing entirely. 

AI writers are best used as a tool to supplement your own writing abilities and help you speed up the blog-writing process, increase your capacity and profitability, and beat that pesky writer’s block!

Good luck!

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