How to Create a Click-worthy Blog Post Title Using the Bramework Title Generator?

One of the most important aspects of your blog post is the title. If you don’t have catchy words, then you WILL NOT entice the reader to click on your article.

After all the hard work and research you’ve done, you must MASTER the art of creating an incredible title that beats out all of your competition on the search engines.

How to Use the Title Generator on Bramework?

Here’s how you can create a blog post title using Bramework’s A.I. powered feature:

1st Step: Sign into Bramework

1st Step_ Sign into Bramework

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2nd Step: Select AI BLOG TITLES

2nd Step_ Select AI BLOG TITLES option on Bramework.

3rd Step: Select NEW TITLES

3rd Step_ Select NEW TITLES

4th Step: Type in your desired keyword

4th Step_ Type in your desired keyword in Bramework title generator.

5th Step: Select GENERATE

5th Step_ Select GENERATE

6th Step: Step: Choose Your Title on Bramework 

6th Step_ Step_ Choose Your Title on Bramework

Review the title results and see if they are worth writing about. Please refer to our blog post on the importance of creating an optimal title here.

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BONUS Step: Get More Results 

You can either choose to continue with the current list of titles, or choose “SHOW MORE” to get more results that are similar in title style. 

BONUS Step_ Get More Results Title generator on Bramework for Blog Post.

If you select “GENERATE MORE,” you’ll get a new set of titles with a different style.

BONUS Step_ Get More Results Check out More Titles for Bramework.

7th Step: After you’re happy with the options, click “SAVE TITLES.”

7th Step_ After you’re happy with the options, click “SAVE TITLES” on Bramework.

This is for you to use with your blog post later if you’re not ready to write your post just yet.

8th Step: Click “WRITE POST” on your favorite title and begin creating your writing masterpiece!

8th Step_ Click “WRITE POST” on your favorite title and begin creating your writing masterpiece on Bramework!

There you have it! You have officially begun your blog post creation. We hope this tutorial has helped you find your BEST keywords using Bramework.

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