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Which Keyword Should I Include in My Blog Post Using Bramework?

Here at Bramework, we believe that the best way to get a jumpstart on your blog post is to already have a well-thought out and HIGHLY researched keyword list.

If you have been in the content creation space for a while, then you know that you want to target keywords with a high volume and with a low keyword difficulty and competition on search engines like Google.

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How to Pick the Right Keyword in Bramework?

Sometimes finding those keywords can be hard. Keyword focused tools on the market helps you to filter your final results with specific variables that allow you to hone into your optimal keyword.

Bramework AI Keyword Analyzer

I always recommend filtering based on a minimum amount of search volume (at least 50), a lower difficulty (less than 60) and a mid-range SERP (the number of results on search engines for your keyword).

If you’re a site with higher authority, you may not have to be as strict with the variables as search engines already trust your site. This means that you will have a higher chance when it comes to ranking for a more difficult keyword.

Just remember that Bramework is a blog post building application and it’s better if you use a keyword tool like Semrush to complete your full content research before getting started with your article.

If you have a keyword in mind or if you want to check on a keyword quickly, then the Bramework Keyword Analyzer is a great place to start.

2nd Step_ Select Keyword Research Tab

On Brameworks’ Keyword Analyzer you can start by having a broad keyword like: “Walt Disney World.”

5th Step_ Review the keyword results Trends and see if they are worth writing about 1

As you can see, the search volume is extremely high at 450,000, but the difficulty is 100 so there’s no chance for you to rank for this keyword.

The Keyword Analyzer will then give you related keywords to Walt Disney World such as:

  • Walt Disney World News
  • Masks Walt Disney World
  • Walt Disney World Resort

You’ll then look at the search volume and the difficulty. I highly recommend aiming for keywords with a search volume greater than 50 searches per month (ideally more than 500) and a keyword difficulty of less than 60 (ideally less than 50).

6th Step_ You can either choose to continue with the current keyword, or choose an alternative keyword. Trends Chart and More Keyword Ideas

This will give you a good jumpstart on possibly ranking for that keyword if you can produce an incredible blog post around it.

Pro Tip: The lower the Keyword Difficulty, the easier it is to outrank the competition organically. The difficulty is based on a range between 0 to 100.

Deciding on Your Final Keyword

As you can see, the deeper I went into looking through the keyword options I was able to settle on the focus word of: “Walt Disney World Disney Genie.”

Using Bramework Keyword Analyzer to Choose Best Phrase

I chose this one because the monthly search volume was ideal for me and the keyword difficulty was less than 60.

6th Step_ You can either choose to continue with the current keyword, or choose an alternative keyword. Trends Chart and More Keyword Ideas

Pro Tip: Select “SHOW MORE” to get more results. If you find a keyword that may be better for you, click on it and get additional information about it. This will allow you to see if there’s a better keyword choice for you.

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Final Thoughts

You don’t need to have a six to twelve month list worth of keywords; however, if you do, it will get you closer to having your blog post written quickly with Bramework.

There you have it! You have officially begun your blog post creation. We hope this tutorial has helped you find your BEST keywords using Bramework.

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