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How to Create a Killer Blog Post Title (9 Easy Examples to Increase CTR)

Your blog title is the key to gaining interest, capturing your reader’s attention and growing your website traffic. No pressure to make it stand out, right?

Here’s the cold hard fact about blogs. 80% of people will read a title, but only 20% of people will actually read the article. You always want to focus on the goal of the article in your blog title. Create a blog title to entice someone to continue reading. This is not always an easy task.

Good news! We’ve compiled a few ways to create a killer blog title, how to make it stand out in the search engines and tips for a better click-through rate (CTR). Keep reading if you want your blog to be heard, read and shared.

How to Create Killer Blog Titles

In your content strategy, blogging for business is dependent on your keywords analysis, as we learned. By now, you’ve created a solid foundation of content around your keywords and are ready to create a killer blog post. Where do you begin? You start with a good blog title.

According to Wired, a really good headline can spike your traffic by 500%. If you’re reading this, that means our blog title – in the ‘how to’ style stood out. Let’s review all the different blog styles to learn how to optimize them for a better click-through rate. We will define click-through rate for you as well.

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There are many different style blog titles that are used across content currently. These common styles are as follows:

  • Listicles
  • How To
  • Question
  • Where, What and Why
  • Mistakes, Fixes, Errors
  • Ultimate Guide (or Complete Checklist)
  • Keyword Triggers
  • Increase, Boost, Grow
  • Versus

As you can see, blog titles are a science! These types of titles improve your click-through rate of your blog. What does that mean?

Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement. CTR is commonly used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign, as well as the effectiveness of a content campaign.

9 Types of Articles for Creating the Best Blog Post Titles

We are going to break down each blog title style, the benefits of using it and how to increase your click-through rate with a few pro tips. Here we go!

Blog writing quotes on blog title help

1 – ‘Listicle’ Blog Titles: Examples, Benefits and Tips

Blog titles in the listicle format are extremely popular and have excellent click through rates.

A listicle blog title is a short-form of blog writing that uses a list as its thematic structure, as in creating content around a list of numbered items. Here are a few examples of listicle articles:

The benefit behind a listicle article is the psychological aspect of it. When a reader sees the number of items in a listed title it offers them a sense of how long the article will be. It also helps them to understand how much information they will get out of it and how much time they have to spend reading it.

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Here are some pro tips for writing a killer listicle blog:

  • Use the number of the list at the front of the blog title
  • Don’t make the number of your list too long
  • Include a bonus in your title for the listicle (I.E. + Tips for CTR Importance).
  • This may seem odd, but use an odd number of items in your list(icle) title.

2 – ‘How To’ Blog Titles: Examples, Benefits and Tips

Creating an article that educates your audience is a great way to showcase value in your content. One of your main goals in your content strategy is to become a valuable resource to your reader. Here’s where the ‘how to’ blog style comes in.

A how to article teaches the reader to accomplish a specific task. This task could be anything from learning a new skill to fine-tuning an ability to get a task done. The article should be definitive, resourceful and straight to the point.

The main goal is to educate the reader so they can use this resource to complete a task on their own. Here are a few examples of ‘how to’ articles:

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Here are a few quick tips to curating a ‘how to’ article that pops:

  • Use the ‘how to’ at the front of the blog title
  • Define the goal in the title
  • Define the process in the title if possible
  • Add a bonus to the title if possible (I.E. How to Create a Killer Blog Title + Tips for CTR Importance)

Your blog title should have all powerful words towards the front so it has maximum impact for search

3 – ‘Question’ Blog Titles: Examples, Benefits and Tips

Conducting thorough research of articles with question-based headlines is a fun activity when you’re writing blogs. Asking a question is a great strategy for all content marketing.

Question articles are blogs that ask the question in the headline with the intent of educating them throughout the article. The psychological impact is to encourage an emotional response to find out the answer to their very own question. Here are a few examples of question articles:

Here are your go-to tips for a successful question-based article title that will draw in more readers:

  • Ask an open-ended question
  • Don’t make your question too long
  • Research your question in search engines
  • Ask your question in a conversational way

4 – ‘Where, What, Why’ Blog Titles: Examples, Benefits and Tips

When you create question-based articles, it allows you to see what your readers are asking in the search engines. This brings us to the type of article that surrounds ‘where, what and why’ titles. They are all very popular amongst high ranking blog headlines.

Where, what and why articles are blog headlines including those exact words with the intent to answer each. A where article might answer the query, where a resource may be, either geographically, digitally or metaphorically. A what article will define what the article will cover in detail.

And the why article will include reasons behind why a resource may be happening throughout the article. Here are a few examples of these types of articles:

Here are some pro tips for successful where, what and why articles:

  • Your title does not have to be in question format
  • Do not ask a yes or no question
  • Ask a question and offer an enticing solution in the title
  • Ask your question with the goal in mind

Asking a question in your blog headline offers your audience a reason to keep reading, make it a valid one!

5 – ‘Mistakes, Fixes, Errors’ Blog Titles: Examples, Benefits and Tips

Writing blog headlines on a computer having a cup of coffee

Just about everyone has searched for articles on how to fix mistakes, errors or help with a problem. That’s why these blog titles are so popular in the search engines. Incorporating them into your title is important!

A mistake, fix or error based blog title is a headline based on helping the reader avoid mishaps. It may be in the form of a “don’t do this” or “watch out for that” style, or it may simply read, “fixes for” or “help with” certain tasks. The different forms pertain to various tasks in their relative fields.

These tips will maximize reach for a mistake, fix or error based article:

  • Write as your reader speaks
  • Give an example of the error in the title
  • Use the words help, mistakes or fixes in the front of the title
  • You can create a guide around these fixes in the title

6 – ‘Ultimate Guide’ Blog Titles: Examples, Benefits and Tips

The ultimate guide or complete checklist articles are truly epic in the blog world. Some of these articles could even be transformed into an eBook with the right formating.

A blog article that is considered an ultimate guide are long-form, highly resourceful articles. They are very educational with a long list of tools, tricks and tips that will aid in any task or schooling.

They may include highly technical information, cited references, contextual imagery or step by step instructions as well. Here are some great examples of these types of articles:

These tips will help your ultimate blog title hit the search engines faster:

  • Use “the” towards the front of the title
  • Using words like “ultimate”, “complete” or “guide” in the title are encouraged
  • Using a list is alright if it is a higher number
  • Include action items in the title like “fix”, “help” or “sustain”

Double your utlimate guide or complete checklist article into a free eBook for your readers to download.

7 – ‘Keyword Trigger’ Blog Titles: Examples, Benefits and Tips

Your keywords are the foundational building blocks for your blog. We learned the importance of building links and partnerships through your content and that all begins with your keywords.

Keyword trigger blog titles are article headlines that begin with your primary or secondary keyword for the topic of choice. If you begin your article title with the keyword, it has the ability to trigger search engines to index it for query. Here are some great examples of keyword trigger titles:

Use these tips to help your keywords trigger the search engines to find your blog:

  • Use your keyword at the front of your blog title
  • Add the year to the end of the blog title of a keyword trigger for recent search help
  • If you can’t put your keyword at the very beginning, try to keep it towards the front of the title
  • Use short tail primary keywords for blog titles

8 – ‘Increase, Boost, Grow’ Blog Titles: Examples, Benefits and Tips

If you’re building a business or trying to learn how to grow, you most likely will be searching for related content for help. Consumers, business owners and students will all search for ways to maximize their ability for growth. That’s where these blog titles come in handy!

iPad with books on blog title writing

An ‘increase, boost or grow’ style blog title suggests that the article will help them to optimize whatever topic is at hand. The article will cover ways in which the reader can maximize their tools, knowledge and resources to grow. Here are some excellent blog title examples:

These tips will help a blog title like this increase online awareness:

  • Use action words in the front of your blog title (I.E. Increase, grow, boost)
  • Use words like “your” to help your reader feel like you are speaking directly to them
  • Add in tips to the end of the title
  • Add words like “easy”, “simple” and “fast”

Adding the year to your blog titles helps your audience find recent articles on that topic

9 – ‘Versus’ Blog Titles: Examples, Benefits and Tips

Comparison articles are very nice when you’re strictly looking at two things side by side. If you’re choosing between the two, these articles will weigh the options for you so you don’t have to do extensive research.

Versus style blog titles are headlines that showcase an item and put it up against another item in a versus comparison. The article is designed to include all the facts, important information and educational resources about each item in detail, so the title should reflect just that. Here are some examples of versus style articles.

Check out these quick tips for better ways to write up versus style blog titles:

  • Start the blog title with the vs towards the beginning
  • Incorporate a question into the versus title
  • Include an ultimate guide in the versus title
  • Use two similar topics in your versus title

Bramework Wrap Up: Creating Killer Blog Titles

Now that you’ve learned some ways to create killer blog titles, it’s time to get writing! You can generate a quick, easy and highly ranking blog title with Bramework if you need assistance in that area.

If you’d like to take blog title generation off of your plate, please reach out to us at Bramework. We make blogging our business. We are dedicated to saving you time, energy and money!

Our goal is to save you the stress it takes to kick off a successful content strategy. The team here at Bramework is dedicated to making your life easier – at least when it comes to your blog.

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(Original Article Date: April 27, 2021/Updated August 17, 2022)

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