How to Copywrite for Success in 2024

If you’re learning how to copywrite and it feels overwhelming, you’re not alone!

It’s a big job. We’re going to tackle the ultimate question – how do you become a copywriter and create content that drives traffic and engagement to your website?

As a website or agency owner, copywriting may not be in your skillset. That’s why we came up with these successful ways to write copy and build a content strategy. 

How to Copywrite for Success

We are so excited that you’re taking the time to learn about copywriting. Here’s what we will cover: 

  • Research Before Copywriting  
  • Connect your Product, Service or Mission 
  • Differ from your Competition 
  • Identify with your Audience 
  • Utilize Copywriting Tools 
  • Engage with Compassion 
  • Incorporate a Call to Action
  • Be Consistent

We first have to understand what copywriting is so that we know the importance of it. 

Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that promote and engage your audience. The goal is to build trust through your content and help them build a relationship with you for lead conversion. Your copywriting is the written salesperson, per se.

Copywriting can take a variety of forms, each equally important:

  • Emails: like lead generation, sales or customer success emails. There is a unique science to getting into the inbox these days and having good copywriting skills helps.
  • Blog posts: like long-form or short-form articles that you post regularly to drive engagement. It’s personally our favorite type of content by far at Bramework.
  • Landing pages: like website content that will help attract, convert and delight your audience. Having better copy on your website will increase engagement with your brand.
  • Webinars: like events or videos that will be scripted. These types of copywriting are unique and educational, which takes a bit of practice.
  • Headlines: like the title of an article, an email or even an event. Each form of copywriting helps to connect the audience with your brand.
  • Promotions: like an advertisement or a discounted promo. Having solid copy in these types of content will enable more leads to convert and hopefully more sales for you.
  • Lead magnets: like a call to action (CTA) or pop up. Great copy can mean more subscribers, which leads to more engagement.
  • White papers: like extremely long-form educational content that is downloaded as a resource. Good copy in white papers is imperative when you are showing your expertise.
  • and more…

Copywriting is a key component of both lead generation and conversion. It’s especially important now, more than ever as we move towards a more digital era.

Content marketing has become the #1 source of lead generation over the last few years, hence why we’re helping you to understand how to copywrite correctly. 

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Research Before Copywriting

As with all writing, it begins with research.

When you set off on your copywriting journey, you may feel overwhelmed. There may be hundreds of articles already written with your keyword and your competition may be fierce. Don’t get discouraged. The key to writing good content is to stand out and provide value.

The best way to perform solid research before you copywrite is to stick to the keywords. Here at Bramework, we put together a complete guide to optimizing your keyword research and analysis in one toolkit.

Taking your time to do your research will help your copywriting experience in so many ways! You will stand out with your target audience, stay ahead of your competition and drive more traffic to your blog. Be sure to include your secondary keywords in your research as well! Each word counts.

PRO TIP: Use the Bramework Keyword Analyzer tool to recommend keywords and phrases, provide trends, and show top competing articles to improve your SEO and build brand awareness for your business. 

writing copy on an iPad

Connect your Product, Service or Mission

Your research is complete and you now feel you’re ready to begin copywriting! Let’s find out how to connect your product, service or mission without being too salesy.

The key to successful copywriting is to think in the mind of your target audience. It’s time to ask yourself a few questions to get in the mindset of connecting your product, service or mission.

  • What does my product, service or mission solve?
  • Where does my product, service or mission fit?
  • Where does my audience engage, search and connect online?
  • What platforms are the best places to share my copywriting?
  • Who will share my content and why?
  • What resources can I provide my audience that will bring value without selling?
  • How can I help my target audience solve their problem?

Once you answer these questions, you have the core concepts of how to begin copywriting. There are a few steps you can take to begin a solid copywriting campaign that will drive engagement:

  1. Create an email newsletter campaign
  2. Write a blog post that provides value for your reader
  3. Create an eBook providing tutorials, tips and walkthroughs
  4. Build a series of webinars, podcasts or workshops based on your content

Copywriting doesn’t stop at your blog. When you become successful at writing copy, it affects your entire business strategy in a positive way.

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Differ From the Competition

When you begin copywriting, you’re going to feel like you’re a needle in a haystack. Don’t let your content get swallowed up by the masses!

There are a few ways you can stand out and differ from your competition. It’s important to stay on brand, be passionate about helping people and bring value to your audience.

A few ways you can differ from your competition are:

When in doubt, always go back to the reason you started in the first place. Your audience will always love to hear your origin story and be sure to personalize it.

differ from the competition

Identify with your Audience

One of the biggest copywriting wins is to identify with your audience.

To identify with your audience through copywriting means that you need to understand them completely. Take some hints from the experts at Hootsuite about defining your target audience.

A target audience is the specific group of people you want to reach with your brand and mission. They’re the people who are most likely to buy your products or services, and they’re united by some common characteristics, like demographics and behaviors.

There are some defining factors you could use to define your target like age, location, language, spending patterns, interests, financial status, stage of life or business vs consumer. Find out who the best person is that will make the decision to purchase. That is where you can fine-tune your way of copywriting.

Defining and identifying with your audience are two different things, however. Identifying with your audience means that you need to connect and engage with them. At Bramework, we connect with our audience by helping them learn valuable resources for blogging. We created our blog builder to help freelancers, companies and enterprises blog better and faster.

Copywriting can be an excellent way to connect and identify with your audience. You can create engaging landing pages with exciting CTAs, you can write awesome blog posts and create even better downloadable content. Your connection is through your content, so be sure you’re speaking their language!

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Utilize Copywriting Tools

There are some really great copywriting tools out there! But how do you choose each one and how much do you spend on each?

The goal is to have all your copywriting tools in one place so that you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s easy to let the tools of content writing get out of control as there are so many out there.

Your best bet to successful copywriting is to get a powerful blog builder. We’ve got you covered there!

Bramework is a blog builder, a keyword analyzer, a photo finder, a title generator and a formatting wizard. That’s all you need in order to write a successful blog post.

Our blog builder automatically suggests titles, headings, finds images and even formats the post based on the topic you select. The Keyword Analyzer tool recommends keywords and phrases to improve your SEO and build brand awareness for your business. 

Here are 7 fun additional copywriting tools that we recommend:

  • Copyscape is a free web-based tool that helps you check any content to see if it contains any duplicate content found on the web.
  • Flickr is an image stock photography site with loads of great images. Also, Unsplash and Pixels.
  • Un-Suck It is a free web app that allows you to convert words that don’t flow well in your copy (like business jargon) and replace it with fun words that do.
  • is the most comprehensive thesaurus website for when you need to know big words.
  • RhymeZone is for when you want your copywriting to rhyme! Find words that work well with each other and get your poetry game on.
  • Google Drive is your one-stop shop for all things share-able docs. Great for blogs, content and guest posts.
  • Canva is a great tool to create graphics. Learn all the ways you can use Canva to create graphics for your website.

Engage with Compassion

Compassion is key when learning how to become a successful copywriter.

Copywriting does not just have to be about technical, educational or promotional items. It’s more than landing pages on a website and pop-ups to drive lead generation. It’s about telling a story!

When you sit down to write anything, your heart and soul needs to be in it. We get a lot of feedback about AI and the importance of keeping compassion a part of content – we agree! The thing about copywriting is, no robot can replace the sentiment behind your brand.

So, how do you incorporate compassion into your copywriting? Enchanted Marketing has some great ideas on how to infuse your writing with hope, warmth and kindness.

Start with yourself! Here’s a quick list of ways you can bring a compassionate attitude to all copywriting:

  • Start writing with a positive mindset
  • Write judgment-free
  • Lose the opinion, keep it factual
  • Be openminded
  • Show your true colors
  • Don’t brag about yourself or your product/service
  • Be honest with your capabilities
writing with compassion

Incorporate a Call to Action

Let’s not forget about why we write in the first place!

When you’re learning to copywrite, it’s important to remember why you’re doing it to begin with – for engagement and growth. There is a lot of bad copywriting out there, so you want to be sure you have a good goal when you set out to represent your brand. Let’s talk about CTAs.

What is a call to action? A call to action, also known as a CTA, is a term or a phrase that’s used to tell the user exactly what action to take and how to take it.  This can be as simple as two words, a sentence or paragraph, a simple linked text or a button. 

Some great examples of a solid CTA are:

  • LEARN MORE – send additional information about a product or service
  • BUY NOW – purchase a product or service
  • DOWNLOAD HERE – get free DLC (downloadable content) sent to your email or desktop
  • Email it! Get premium content sent directly to your inbox
  • Yes, send me my free eBook! Get a free eBook sent to your email
  • SUBSCRIBE NOW – get weekly, monthly or quarterly updates, newsletters or blogs via email
  • Send me my discount! Get a discount, promo code or free trial via email

This encourages people to engage, interact and show interest in what you do. They also will be getting value by clicking, downloading or interacting. It’s a win-win for both parties.

When you create a well placed CTA (Call to Action) it allows your copywriting to flow with ease and provides value to your audience.

Be Consistent

What’s worse than not knowing how to copywrite? Copywriting the wrong way and then giving up.

The key to making sure you’re driving quality traffic to your website, service or product is consistency! Don’t give up on your content, it takes time to build. Copywriting is the same. You will get better and better the more you write. There are so many benefits to blogging that we promise it will pay off if you stick with it.

At Bramework, we love copywriting, content and all things blogging. If you’re struggling with being consistent, it may be that you have not carved out enough time. We created our blog builder so that you don’t have to spend hours on writing content or copywriting. It’s important to save time, get help with formatting AND be successful. Try it out for free!

Bramework Wrap Up: Copywriting for Success

See? Learning how to copywrite doesn’t have to be hard!

If you take the time to learn the right ways to create content, it can benefit your business for the long haul. The one thing you need to dedicate is time. That’s why we created Bramework in the first place – to help you save time and write better. If you are interested in streamlining your copywriting process and making your life easier, check out our blog builder.

For now, try these steps for copywriting success and let us know how you did! We would love to hear from you on tips you use for copywriting as well.

Happy writing!

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(Original Article Date: July 14, 2020/Updated October 14, 2022)

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