41 Incredible Benefits of Blogging in 2024

We all know that content is king. So what exactly are the benefits of blogging?

We also know that blogs have been around for a while but sometimes they are undervalued, ignored and often times poorly written. It’s a shame because blogging has many benefits!

Here are a few facts about blogging that just might blow your mind:

  • Domains with blogs have 434% more indexed landing pages on Google than domains without blogs, according to Tech Client.
  • HubSpot, the master of blogging, states that organizations that blog obtain 97% more inbound links than their competitors that don’t blog. And, B2B companies with blogs get 67% more leads than those without.
  • According to Blogher, 61% of US consumers make a purchase based on a blog post.
  • Content Marketing Institute stated that 37% of marketers find that blogs are the most important method of content marketing.

Is your mind blown yet?

Blogging is crucial to so many different aspects of your business even if you are a startup, freelancer or enterprise company.

What are the Benefits of Blogging?

We are going to review the 41 biggest benefits of blogging and why blogging is important.

A woman sitting at a wooden table editing a blog post. Keep reading for tips on how to write blog posts faster.

Get your notes ready, these are going to be game-changers:

1 – Search Engine Optimization

This is number one for a reason. Landing in search engines is one of the main benefits of blogging.

You want to be Google’s best friend. How would your audience find you without content?

Without a blog, your website is simply waiting for visitors.

Content allows Google’s crawlers to find you by the keywords you use. These keywords are then indexed and placed in search engines for your leads to find you.

These leads then find you be searching the keyword and VOILA! You have just produced a lead by writing a wonderful blog.

2 – Develop Relationships

Much like Rome, relationships are not built in a day.

Developing relationships takes time and energy, much like writing a blog.

A man sitting in front of a camera and laptop while forming a heart with their hands to communicate their appreciation for their blog audience. If you have ever asked, "What's the point of blogging?" keep reading.

You will need to cite or reference experts in the industry to showcase their knowledge.

You will need to lift them up in a positive light and do it correctly, so Google’s guidelines are satisfied.

To develop those relationships you will be shouting out others in your blogs.

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3 – Generates Interest

Blogging is a balance between educating your audience and writing about how your offering or service can help them.

One of the beautiful benefits of blogging is that it is a portal to the world without coming off as a cheesy sales pitch.

A person making a purchase on their laptop with a discount code in hand

Crafting your blog so that it educates your audience 75% of the content and 25% offers links to your services, team or offerings is key.

Get your audience excited about what you do!

4 – Establishes Yourself as a Leader

The words thought leadership are huge in the content marketing game.

This means creating and share your opinion on topics that your audience wants to hear. If you can establish yourself as a thought leader, you have made it.

Writing content is not simply to build your ROI, it's to show your audience that you know what you are talking about and that you are an expert in your field. #contentmarketing Share on X

Be a leader in your industry and show it through your blog.

Write blog posts 5X faster!

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5 – Brand Awareness

This is a big one! Brand awareness starts with your website but does not end there.

Building your brand takes a long time because you want people to recognize just about everything involved — fonts, colors, logo, etc.

A man with a glasses sitting in front of a camera recording content for his blog audience and YouTube channel. If you have ever asked "What's the point of blogging?" click here to read more

You can build your brand awareness by simple blog formatting alone. Incorporate your branding throughout the blog with:

  • Unique calls to action
  • Click to Tweets, or
  • Graphic logo imagery

Incorporate a signature sign-off that your readers will always know because it’s uniquely you.

The benefit of blogging is that it is all yours. Build that brand up!

6 – Builds Trust

Trust is a delicate thing. Especially in this world with fake news.

Building trust is going to take time, energy and blogs.

Writing blogs will build trust in two ways by allowing the reader to:

  1. Understand that you are an expert in what you do.
  2. Trust that you can truly help them because you are an expert in what you do.

They learned this through your blog!

Don’t lose faith in the world, trust is out there.

7 – Provides Value to Your Audience

A huge benefit of blogging is the value your audience will receive from it.

A black woman podcaster sitting in a room with a purple and pink background and sharing curated content with her blog audience

There is something to be said about the two types of blogs out there:

  1. The blog that only writes about themselves, their services and the awards they’ve received.
  2. The blog that takes a journalistic approach in that it educates the reader and provides them with a take-away value that they will benefit from.

Which one do you feel would work better?

Providing value to your readers means that you will be giving them free information like …

  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Ebooks
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Guidelines

… and actual content that they can take with them to help them in any way you can.

Be helpful, they will value you for it.

8 – Generates Leads

Obviously, this is a big benefit of blogging! Who doesn’t want to generate leads?

Writing blogs gets you on the search engines’ map, which allows you to be searchable, which allows your leads to find you.

generate leads with your blog

It’s a simple path. The way blogs generate leads is through the content itself.

Your keywords, references, citations, and calls to action that are embedded in the blog articles allow the search engines to find it.

This allows your visitors to find you and become a lead.

Hopefully, then you can convert them into a loyal customer. That one’s on you.

9 – Creates a Sharable Source

Sharing is caring, right? Creating valuable content often leads to people wanting to share it with others.

The more valuable the content, the more share-worthy it is.

One of the major benefits of blogging is that people love to share good content. If you can create content that is of value, you will see that value in the share numbers.

Always, always, always offer a call to action on your blog with easy share buttons.

Don’t miss out on all those shares simply because you haven’t made it easy to share.

10 – Showcases Your Expertise

Genuine expertise is hard to come by these days.

With all the hype of over-saturated content and influencers, you want to be known as an expert in your industry.

A woman with red hair holding a plate of donuts in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

That’s not to say that you have to only write what you know.

Often times, bloggers step outside of their comfort zone and write about things that they too are learning or mastering.

Creating content around what you are good at is important.

Don’t act like an expert, show it. Write your expertise down in ways that help people to understand. Share on X

Most bloggers state that bitesize paragraphs, bolding and imagery are all ways to get people engaged for more on-page SEO.

Be the expert that you say you are and write excellent content.

11 – Acquires Affiliates

Ah yes, our beloved affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is a huge portion of content marketing that can add up big. But first, you have to find your affiliates!

How are you going to build relationships with affiliates without a blog? They would have nothing to link to.

Create content that incorporates a reason for someone to want to be an affiliate with you. You will need content they can:

  • Resonate with
  • Be involved with, and
  • Share on their own

You can even write a blog article all about affiliate marketing to spice it up!

Blogging builds all types of relationships, most importantly, the ones who can help you make money and vice versa.

12 – Shows Your Brand Culture

If content is king, then culture is queen!

A brand’s culture is super important nowadays because it shows their audience that they are worthy of a sale.

A smiling woman in a yellow sweater sitting on the floor with an inviting presence for blog readers.

How do you build culture in your content? That’s easy. Be yourself!

Culture should seep into every aspect of your business, not just your content.

It should be splashed on your website, thrown into your customer service and showcased on your social media networks.

Including your culture through your content should be second nature to the content itself.

Write how you would want your team to write, talk and sell.

It will come back triple fold if you can incorporate a little fun company culture in each article.

13 – Drives Traffic Organically Over Paid Ads

We all know you can pay to be on Google’s radar. But is it worth it?

The answer is both yes and no. If you are just starting out, it’s important to boost a little to get on the map.

Once you feel you have a bit of a floor to stand on in the online world, then it’s time to build your website organically. Share on X

Writing content builds traffic to your website organically because you aren’t paying for it like an advertisement.

You may be paying someone to do it, but you aren’t paying the internet to host it. You are simply including organic keywords to allow search engines to find you.

Person pressing a red button to activate the rocket ship taking off.

The key is to do it correctly, so you don’t get penalized by Google!

All links are not created equal so be sure to link:

  • Appropriately
  • Consistently, and
  • With higher domain authorities

Consult the experts like Moz if you need some help there.

Nothing is better than organically grown leads.

14 – Keeps Your Social Media Presence Going

Social media is key in all content marketing, as we know.

Natural Language in AI with blogger posting on social media

We learned the importance of …

  • Sharing
  • Lifting up others, and
  • Creating an online presence

… for ourselves earlier.

Now, to maintain that is key for a successful business.

If you are running out of things to post on social media, you may not be blogging enough!

Another one of the benefits of blogging is that you will always have new things to share on social media.

Also, you can repurpose your old content that is evergreen and share that again and again.

Don’t be scared to mix it up with new and old content, the more value you can get out of it, the better. Never run out of things to post again.

15 – Offers a Reason for Return Visitors

If someone visits your website and doesn’t purchase anything or request your services, what reason do they have to come back? That’s a scary thought!

Give your audience a reason to come back by creating a bomb blog post!

You want your blog to be so good that not only are they sharing your content, they are coming back for more again and again.

What kind of content can bring back repeat viewers?

Content that educates, brings value, exudes culture and provides fun engaging calls to action.

Let’s keep them coming back, folks!

16 – Helps You to be a Better Writer

Dare we say, practice makes perfect?

Perfection is hard in content marketing because it’s always evolving, but you do need to keep doing it.

A man sitting in a home office writing copy for his blog.

The more you write, the better you are. The better you are, the more Google likes you.

The more Google likes you, the more visitors you get. The more visitors you get, the more leads you get. You get it.

When you become a better writer, your content will provide you with more qualified leads.

It’s important to know the guidelines for content marketing and fine-tuning those skills daily. If you write it, they will come.

17 – Allows Engagement Through Comments

Another way to keep people engaged is to allow commenting on your blogs.

It’s a slippery slope if you start to get really big because this could snowball into a positive/negative warfare. Be warned!

However, engaging through comments can also lead to really engaging conversations that could turn into leads.

Allowing comments is a great way to show that you are listening to your audience.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is that you are putting yourself out there in a very transparent way for the world to see. People eat that up!

So the more humble and open you can be, the better. Allow those comments and see what happens.

18 – Allows You to Learn Your Audience Better

Data, data, data!

If you aren’t learning about your audience, how will you ever win them over?

listen to your audience

Knowing your target market is key to winning the industry. Writing blogs allows you to learn just a little more about them.

Tracking your audience with tools like Google Analytics is key to making your content better.

Once you can understand things like …

  • Time on page
  • Click-ability, and
  • Views of other landing pages

… you can optimize your content each time.

Know your people!

19 – Builds Your Network

Not only does blogging generate leads, build partnerships and affiliates (but wait there’s more), it also expands your network.

Your network comprises of all different kinds of relationships.

From ongoing publishing relationships to referral business, it’s important to build up your internal network.

Your content can build networks by sharing with friends and family. It can also build simply by people sharing it because of the value.

The more you create, the more your network grows.

It’s important to keep tabs on these people, as they are rooting for you! They are in your content corner, so be sure to thank each one personally.

A person is only as strong as their network.

20 – Helps to Gain Email Subscribers

Who wants more email subscribers? We all do! Build great content and watch your email database grow.

Email subscribers lead to loyal fans who can lead to loyal customers.

A woman doing email marketing on her computer so she can monetize her blog from day one. Keep reading to learn tips on how to make money blogging.

When creating blog articles it is imperative to incorporate a few different ways to obtain email addresses.

Scroll boxes, pop-ups and exit intent ads are an option. Content is another.

A simple yet efficient way is to simply ask the reader, “You like our content? Want to get it on a weekly basis?” Boom! Done.

21 – Keeps You up to Date

Writing content forces you to stay in the now. Being up to date on trending news is key to staying with your audience.

There are some pretty amazing tools out there to help you stay up to date.

Tip: BuzzSumo is a great way to find out the trending content, influencers and monitor it all in one.

Being involved with the up to date news keeps you on the same page as your audience and provides another layer of trust to both the search engines and new leads.

Use hashtags. All the cool kids are doing it.

22 – Maintains Trust with Google

This is right up there with search engine optimization.

Not only do you have to get on the map with Google, but you also have to stay on their good side.

A man using Google as he does a technical SEO audit on his website. Read more to learn how to do a technical site audit after the Google update.

That takes knowledge of satisfying Google’s guidelines, not breaking their rules and putting out consistent content.

If you can maintain trust with search engines you can truly get big benefits out of blogging.

One of the biggest ways to maintain trust is to follow Google news and know their algorithm update schedule.

Understanding what they need before an update hits will help save your organic traffic numbers, which helps to save your leads!

Stay on Google’s good side.

23 – Shows Your Online Identity

Having a digital presence is key to success.

It used to be that you could do everything face to face in business and crush it.

Now you have to be online to be something. It’s just the way it is. Share on X

Having an online identity is important not only for the search engines to find you but also for reviews.

If you are offering a product or service, most people will search for reviews about you.

A row of wooden blocks with yellow stars representing ranking for SEO

Having an online identity showcased throughout your blog is important for transparency.

Being honest about good and bad reviews is always the better choice.

You can even write a blog about it!

24 – Creates Lasting Partnerships

Influencer marketing is all the rage.

Influencers are running the show out there. Getting in touch with them should be high on your list if you are operating a blog.

Blogging is a great way to build the bridge to influencer engagement.

Creating partnerships is one thing, but the long-term relationship should be your goal.

To do that you need to keep putting out quality content where you can include them!

One creative way to do this is to write a blog post all about your partnership from start to finish.

Create an article about your story together, your readers will love it, your partner will share it and it will create a lasting partnership.

25 – Establishes Authority

The word authority often has a bad connotation, but not in the digital world.

Establishing authority is key to being successful.

A woman with curly hair recording a video in an office for her YouTube and blog. If you have ever asked "What's the point of blogging?" click here to read more.

Writing blog content establishes authority with Google (we talked about that).

It also establishes authority with your competitors as well.

If you are creating great content that is getting recognized, you are now an authority on the subject over your competitors.

They need to get in line!

Become an authority with great content and see how far up you can get.

26 – Drives Long-Term Results

There is only one way you can get long-term results with a marketing tactic.

That is consistency.

A lot of times a business will give up on content within a few months because they aren’t seeing the numbers they expected to hit.

Content is like a snowball effect. The more you write, the more it grows. Share on X

It can be as slow as watching grass grow, but it will grow.

If you write one blog and think that will be enough, that will not sustain growth.

Creating content will drive long-term results if you keep at it. Don’t give up!

27 – Allows You to Repurpose Older Content

After a while, you will build a content database!

It will be very exciting and also a little discouraging because you will look back at your older pieces and think they could be much better.

Good news, all!

Benefits of Blog content is king crown

You can repurpose evergreen content to make it shiny and new!

Building a blog means you will be writing weekly. That will yield a lot of content to work with!

You can go back into your “blog log” (that’s a great name, you can steal it) and revamp any content.

In fact, we highly recommend you do this each month. You will find that it gets more valuable as you learn more.

Bonus: It will also get indexed the more you share it. Google loves that!

28 – Helps You to Understand the Market Trends

Whenever you write a blog article, you have to do your research.

This is a great way to stay up to date with the market trends in your industry.

Understanding your market helps you to better your business. Share on X

Your content needs to be relevant, so you must understand the needs of your market.

Doing your proper research allows you to have quality content. The circle continues so that you are always up to date!

Your audience will thank you and so will your bank account.

29 – Helps with Competitors Analysis

Staying on top of your competitors can be exhausting!

However, competitor analysis is the key to building a great service or business.

A black woman with pink lipstick and pink shirt standing with her palms facing up as if she is confused.

When you write great content you are always looking at other content. You should be staying on top of your competitors and their content with a watchful eye.

If they are receiving high volumes of shares, most likely they are generating leads.

It is useful to subscribe to your competitor’s blog to see what they are writing.

One of the benefits of blogging is that you can subscribe to whomever you’d like!

30 – Promotes Company News

Blogging is not all about educating your audience. We talked about the ratio you should adhere to, however, it’s always fun to mix it up.

If you have a fun company outing, a congratulatory promotion or a new hire, it’s time to get it on the blog.

Blogging about personal company news should happen at least once a quarter or more, depending on the company.

Sometimes you can write fun pieces for no reason, and others can be more formal like a press release. If you have loyal fans, they will stick around to congratulate you!

Inform your readers of your success.

31 – Finds New Hires

As you grow — because you are creating killer content and crushing it — you will need to expand your team.

A branding and marketing team celebrating how they helped a client increase their leads with brand awareness.

One of the awesome benefits of blogging is that it’s not just for content. It can also be used to find a new hire.

One creative way to do find new talent would be to hand your blog off to your recruiter or human resource and do a highlight piece all about them.

Showcase their abilities, write about your hiring process, and talk about your team culture.

This is a great attachment to your job posting that will get people reading and hopefully sharing.

32 – Builds a Reputation

Blogging is a form of communication.

It’s a way of putting your story out into the world. Make it a good story.

A woman sitting at her desk and talking into her phone.

Reputation is something that most companies are built on!

Much like authority, your reputation is built up by the service you provide, the way you treat people and the presence you provide. Share on X

Building a digital reputation is just as important as in real life. Build content that resonates so that your reputation is strong.

33 – Maintains Employee Wellness

One of the cool things about writing blogs are employee features!

Highlighting your employees is a great way to build a better brand culture.

Blogging about your team has a two-fold positive experience:

  1. It makes employees feel good that you want to highlight their expertise.
  2. lt shows your audience that you are proud of your team members.

It’s a win-win.

Another way to work content into employee wellness is by allowing them to write or contribute to the blog.

Offering quotes, testimonials, interviews or just a photo helps to include them in the entire marketing process. Go team!

34 – Generates Positive Feedback

Feedback is essentially one of the best ways to improve.

Whether positive or negative, feedback can drive growth.

How to Write a Case Study with one to five gold stars checked

Content is a great way to absorb feedback in a few ways by allowing:

  • Ratings on your blogs through star reviews that your readers can leave.
  • Comments at the end of the article asking what they felt about the content.

Either way, you will receive feedback that will fuel your content to be better, which leads to engagement.

And as we have learned, engagement leads to new business!

Good luck getting positive feedback — we are rooting for you.

35 – Encourages Customer Testimonials

We love loyal customers. Why not share that with the world?

One of the benefits of blogging is that you can highlight a customer through a testimonial article.

Six people against a wall holding multi-colored comment bubbles representing feedback from blog readers.

Pick one of your favorite customers and offer a blog all about them! It’s a nice tactic showing your audience that you are good at what you do and you value your customers.

There is nothing better than a referral from a customer and this is a great way to obtain those.

Be sure to include all of your customer’s information so your audience knows it’s not about you, it’s about your customer.

36 – Guides Your Leads to Your Services

It used to be that finding leads was the hardest part of the entire sales process.

Now, with blogging, you can create content that reels in the leads and allows them the ability to find your services through their own search.

Your content should navigate them to the appropriate call to action that you dictate.

Writing content is not simply to produce educational material, it’s to qualify leads and guide them to your services or offerings.

Be sure to do this adhering to the ratio we talked about earlier!

Starting out with a sales pitch does not work in content.

Offer your pitch at the end when you have earned their trust. Guide your leads in the right direction.

37 – Provides Data for Better On-Page SEO

Google needs something to track when it comes to your website. The analytics behind your website depends on the engagement.

The word SEO with arrows pointing out from it, with important factors to help optimize for Google such as blog keywords, rank, optimize, position, pages, content, and links.

You have a goal to get people to your website, which is done through your content. Now you can track this to better your on-page SEO.

Writing a blog allows Google Analytics to track:

  1. Where your leads came from
  2. How long they stayed on the page, and
  3. Where they clicked or engaged

This is important to you because it is important to Google.

Your content will provide you the data you need to create extensive reporting. These reports will help you to grow. Grow better, as HubSpot says!

38 – Allows Your Audience to Learn About Your Story

The power of storytelling shines through in your blog. One of the coolest benefits of blogging is that you can share your story!

People resonate with personal stories.

They want to hear the cold hard truth about why you started the company, how you got there and even some struggles along the way.

The more truthful and honest you are, the more trust you build.

Creating a blog post around your history can show the digital world your vulnerable side.

Bonus points if you include pictures of pets.

Share your story with the world!

39 – Encourages Image Sharing

There are so many different social media channels out there that it can get overwhelming as a business owner.

Don’t despair, let your readers do the sharing!

A laptop showing a photography portfolio site on a website, which can help the photographer make money blogging. Read for more tips on how to monetize your blog from day one.

Images are a powerful way to relate to your audience. Your blog content should reflect high-quality, high-resolution and relevant imagery throughout each article.

Each image should have the alt-text with your keywords filled out appropriately.

Lastly, the image can be sharable with plugins that help you do so. It can be shared on …

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook, and
  • Pinterest

… with one click.

Also, be sure that your social cards show the image when sharing it on social, it will get a higher re-share rate.

40 – Extends Your Website

Your website is your business home base.

Each website is unique, however, you do want some variety to be added to the landing pages.

Offering a blog is one way that you can extend your indexed pages with Google.

The typical website has five pages:

  • Home
  • Services
  • About us
  • Pricing, and
  • Contact

Offering a blog is another way to extend your website’s reach.

When people land on your website, it may be the first thing they notice and want to read.

It’s a way for your audience to gauge if you are an expert or not, simply by checking out the tabs on your website.

Take extra time on your website, first impressions are everything.

41 – Possibility of Going “Viral”

You’ve hit the jackpot if your blog article goes viral.

How does this happen?

Five balls with all but the second one is blue and lifted on a pillar to signify uniqueness in building a brand online with your blog. If you have ever asked "What's the point of blogging?" click here to read more.

It’s a combination of all the benefits we have mentioned thus far.

Going viral means you have not only created quality content, but you have also incorporated the right link mentions to gain attention.

Some of the time going viral is luck of the draw that it gets webbed out to the masses.

If it isn’t, then you have worked very hard to get it into the right hands.

One way to do this is to manually reach out to the influencers you have cited and encourage them to share.

The possibility of going viral just increased exponentially! Dreams do come true.

Benefits of Blogging Wrap Up

Good luck with your blogging!

There are so many benefits to blogging, we can’t see why you wouldn’t do it.

If you have any additional blogging benefits you would like to add, please let us know.

Bramework is passionate about blogs. Reach out to us if you would like to learn a little more about how we can make your life easier!

You got this!

If you want to learn how to write your next blog post in less than an hour, then read the 21 Tips to Writing Faster here!

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(Original Article Date: November 30, 2019/Updated Dec 22, 2023)

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  1. Hello! After going through at least 12 blogs, this is so far the best and most detailed one. Great work!

    This is a point which made no sense to me before going through the details that u provided.
    22 – Maintains Trust with Google

    I shared this with two other people who were reluctant to start a blog for their online business. Hope it helps them.

    Also, for a beginner what do u think should be the priority? Quality or Quantity?

    • Glad we can help. I would definitely focus on quality. Your goals should always be to provide to most value to your readers by providing quality blog posts that answers all their questions.

  2. A cursory search on the term “blogging” usually throws up a list of successful blogs in various niches. Blogging is a great way to start your own blog and you can learn from the mistakes and successes of others. They say success leaves clues. Pick someone successful in your niche and follow the footsteps instead of inventing the wheel again.
    So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy blogging because it will be difficult to blog if you are not passionate about the topic.

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