How Janice Eliminated The Overwhelm of Starting a Blog Post Thanks To Bramework

Janice Hostager is a marketing consultant that works with a variety of clients across diverse industries. She mainly focuses on helping small- and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits develop their marketing strategy and has helped clients to build successful, sustainable marketing programs. 

The Challenge

Janice writes blog posts both for her own blog and occasionally for clients. While she enjoys writing, she found it was taking a long time.  She also struggled with a feeling of dread looming the night before writing a new blog post.

Sometimes it would take her a whole day to write a blog post if it was a topic she didn’t have deep knowledge in and she would easily get caught in the weeds when researching about the topic – making her feel like it took forever to get a blog post written. 

She needed the help of an AI writer to improve her process so she could get started and write content faster without the feeling of being overwhelmed by the thought of writing a new blog post. 

“Time is limited, especially as an entrepreneur. I used to dread writing a blog post because I would be late into the night writing and get stuck in the weeds. I needed help with getting my thoughts organized and the first draft out so I could focus my time on editing. I tried hiring freelance writers but figured if I could use AI to get the first draft out, it pays for itself.”

– Janice Hostager

The Solution

By using Bramework to write AI-generated outlines and paragraphs, she was able to streamline her writing process and write blog posts much faster.

Say Goodbye To Overwhelm 

The biggest benefit Janice has gained since using Bramework is not feeling overwhelmed or having that looming feeling of dread about starting a new blog post.

With Bramework, she can input the topic or keywords and use the power of AI to generate titles, outlines, and an intro paragraph so she can get started writing right away with less stress. 

“The night before writing a blog post I used to dread it because it would take me late into the night to write. But now I can hammer out a blog post in an hour. I’m not stressing about the task anymore. Bramework has eliminated the overwhelm when writing and it’s a task that’s doable now that I’m not dreading.”

– Janice Hostager 

Write 2X Faster with an Efficient Process 

After starting to use Bramework for writing blogs, Janice noticed that it improved the efficiency in her writing process so she’s now able to write blogs in less than half the time!

“Bramework helped me be more efficient in my writing process so I can write blogs in at least half the time. It walks me through writing an outline to make sure I have the big things thought out so the structure makes the process more efficient. Author and copywriter, Ann Handley, always talks about getting the ugly draft out first. What’s nice about Bramework is it helps you get that first draft out faster and helps you start in an organized way so you’re not just throwing everything down on paper.”

– Janice Hostager 

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Hit Keyword Targets with Ease & Find Images Fast   

Another benefit Janice gained from using Bramework for writing blogs is she’s now able to do her keyword research easily when starting a blog and make sure she hits her keyword targets. 

“Bramework has everything – keyword research, plagiarism checker, photos – it’s all right there! It’s a time saver for me and helps me hit my keyword targets.”

– Janice Hostager

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Kristie is a Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and marketing consultant on a mission to help early B2B SaaS startups scale. After working in B2B marketing for over 10years, she left her role of VP of Marketing and started her own business to help tech startups to navigate the path to multiple 7-figures.

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