How Candice Increased Her Writing Output 5X with Bramework

Today I have a special treat for you! We had an opportunity to chat with Candice Zakariya to discuss how Bramework has helped her increase the number of weekly written blog posts by five times!

You’ll learn why she was looking for an AI Writing Assistant, what challenges she was facing with her freelance writing career, her Bramework review, and the results she got from using the blogging tool.

“Bramework literally increased my ability to write more articles. It helps me spend my time wisely and stop spinning my wheels figuring out how to get started. I’m writing five times as much now.”

Candice Zakariya

Bramework Case Study Review: Writing A Blog Post Faster with AII

Candice Zakariya is a freelance writer for sites such as SEO Portland Growth, which helps local businesses increase their organic traffic through content marketing and SEO optimization.

Bramework Review with Candice Zakariya Case Study

She also has her own Multi-Passionate Creative blog on Medium where she writes about how multi-passionates can live and work authentically as purposeful and profitable content creators.

Candice’ Challenge With Blogging

As a freelance writer, Candice was struggling to increase the amount of content she was able to produce for clients.

Black woman on computer blogging with Bramework. Bramework review and Case study using the AI Outline Writing Assistant.

Being a mother of two with a husband in the military, at times it was challenging to keep up with the demand of articles she needed to produce for clients.

Military Family

Sometimes she would have a hard time getting started on articles for topics she wasn’t very experienced in.

This caused some anxiety as she didn’t feel overly confident and as a result, it would take longer to write content and therefore, she was maxed out on the amount of articles she was able to deliver each week for clients. 

“I needed something to help me with research, outlining, and generating headlines so I could get started faster without having to use as much brain power. I need to write for the algorithm but also write content that’s engaging for the audience and sometimes I’d be staring at a blank page and take longer to get started.”

Candice Zakariya

How Candace Used Bramework’s AI Writing Assistant to Write Blog Posts Faster

Being a tech girl, Candice understood the opportunity and power of AI writers and was interested right away.

Keyword results feature. Bramework review and Case study using the AI Outline Writing Assistant.
Bramework Keyword Feature

After using Jasper for a while, she appreciated the help of an AI writer, but needed something that could help with keyword research without getting too expensive.

So she started to look for other AI writing assistants and heard about Bramework through a Youtuber and decided to give it a try.

“I liked Jasper but with the keyword research component I needed, it was costing over $100 a month so I started looking around for other tools. One of the things that really caught my eye with Bramework was being able to integrate with WordPress. It just makes your life easier when you don’t have to go outside the software to do things. It saves time and just makes it easier.”

Candice Zakariya

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How Candice Produced Quality Content Using Bramework AI Writer

By using Bramework to generate a title and the outline, Candice was able to write blog posts faster and produce more content.

Bramework review and Case study using the AI Outline Writing Assistant.
Bramework Outlining a Blog Post with AI

Once she has the topic from the client that she needs to write about and the main keyword, she uses Bramework to select additional keywords, create the titles, and produce an outline to help her get started. 

“Now I’m not starting from a blank slate. Once I know what I’m writing about I just pick the keywords and from there Bramework helps me generate headlines and the outline. Once I get to that point, I’m good! I don’t feel as stressed anymore when I’m writing about a topic I don’t know much about. It’s given me more confidence as a writer.”

Candice Zakariya

Bramework Review and Case Study Candice Zakariya Headshot

Overcoming Writer’s Block with Bramework

Since using Bramework, Candice doesn’t experience writer’s block so she’s getting started writing content faster, writing a lot more, and she’s actually enjoying writing even more now, too. 

“Before I was good at writing, but I didn’t know if I could do it long term because I was having trouble with writer’s block at the beginning. Now that Bramework has solved that, I want to do more of it. I started a personal blog, I write more on Twitter now– I’m writing all the time because I have ideas that I feed into Bramework and from there it’s just a pathway to a beautiful creation!”

Candice Zakariya

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Candice’s Results with Bramework’s AI Writing Assistant

Once she increased her writing output, Candice received a promotion because she was producing such excellent quality content and had more bandwidth to take on more writing.

“After using Bramework I got a promotion and I’m able to write more. Before, I could do two to three articles a week. Now I can write 4-5 articles plus 4-5 document outlines. I’m writing faster and I enjoy doing it. I’m writing about 5X as much now.”

Candice Zakariya

We hope that this case study was able to provide you some insight on how agencies and bloggers are using Bramework to help grow their business and increase their revenue.

At Bramework, we are constantly growing. We are always evolving the blog builder to be smarter, faster and more of a valuable resource for content writers everywhere.

Reach out to the team to try out the blog builder or let us know your feedback on the AI content creator. Our goal is to help you write blogs, better.

Happy Blogging!

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