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What is natural-language generation? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who doesn’t know the answer! 

As an agency owner or brand trying to build your content strategy, learning the power of NLG may help you tremendously with your blog. It’s one of the fastest-growing technologies being adopted in the industry. Let’s find out what it is and how it can impact your content in a positive way.

Time to take a dive into natural-language generation.

What is NLG Anyway?

According to Wikipedia, natural-language generation (NLG) is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) programming to produce written or spoken narrative from a dataset. NLG, a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI), is a software process that automatically transforms data into plain-English content. 

Natural-language generation (NLG) is one of the fastest-growing technologies being adopted in the tech world. It's time we learned what it means and how it will impact our content strategy. #NLG Click To Tweet

Search Enterprise AI breaks down NLG a bit and helps us understand the relationship to computational linguistics. Natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) are the two other areas of AI concerned with human-to-machine and machine-to-human interaction.

Some use cases for NLG are product or service descriptions, content curation, creating portfolio summaries, or customer communications to start. There are a lot more use cases as the service grows.

The interesting thing is that the technology can actually tell a story – exactly like that of a human – by writing the sentences and paragraphs for you. Don’t let it scare you! Let it assist you in taking away the remedial tasks of “filling in the gaps”. Consider NLG a time saver. NLG journey captured by AISmartz sums up the natural-language generation journey until 2018. We are excited to see what 2020 brings!

NLG journey by AISmartz

The Differences in NLP, NLU and NLG

When learning the importance of NLG, it’s important to understand the differences in the various terms. We mustn’t confuse NLG with NLP or NLU. Let’s break down what each term means and how they are all connected.

Natural-Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is used to describe a machine’s ability to consume what is told, and comprehend its meaning, determine actions from this, and respond back in a language that will be understood.

Natural-Language Understanding (NLU)

NLU is actually a subset of NLP that deals with the best way to transform unstructured forms to structured understandable forms. Machines are less likely to handle human-like quirks. Essentially the machines are learning. 

Natural-Language Generation (NLG)

NLG, natural-language generation, is when computers write the language. NLG processes turn structured data into the real deal. This language should satisfy the processing and understanding of the internal actions that need to take place to use it for multiple purposes. 

The interesting thing is that NLG can save you hours of your time, simply by filling in additional data.

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Natural-Language Generation Tools

As we’ve learned in the past, everything has the right tool. Natural-language generation is a bit complicated and requires layers of language knowledge to work. NLG also can be integrated into tools to help your content strategy. 

Arria NLG PLC is believed to be one of the global leaders in NLG technologies. It offers eCommerce, journalistic and data reporting NLG services for over 100 languages.

Bramework blog builder is a content-based software that uses AI to suggest keywords, titles, paragraphs, and formatting help for the post. From idea to publication, this NLG powered tool can help you fill in all the proper information for a successful blog.

Finding the right tool for the job can be incredibly useful for your content strategy. For instance, Bramework saves you hours of time generating blog post topic ideas, finding relative articles, understanding keyword competition. All from one simple source. Here’s a peek at Bramework’s AI Content Creator.

Bramework AI Content creator

Yseop is for customer service based NLG services. It’s dedicated to helping achieve a smarter customer experience across all platforms like mobile, online or face-to-face.

Quill by Narrative Science converts data to human-intelligent narratives by developing a story, analyzing it, and extracting the required amount of data from it.

If you are looking for additional companies that are AI-powered, we recommend checking out Analytics Insight for more.

The Goal of Natural-Language Generation

We don’t want you to be scared of NLG or it’s capabilities. If you begin to understand the technology, you may be able to fit into your strategy with ease. 

If you have a goal in mind for your blog, find out how NLG can become a part of saving you time and energy on each article. 

A good goal to have is to increase productivity. NLG can help you be more productive by taking away remedial tasks that are a time suck. When a machine automates routine tasks, productivity increases and you can focus on high-value work.

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Additionally, a good goal is to understand the future of NLG. Ask yourself these questions to obtain some goals for NLG:

  • How much time do I spend on tedious, low value tasks?
  • My online presence may take precedence over all marketing, will I have time to handle it all? 
  • How can I increase productivity without losing time?
  • Do I have time for growth in my schedule?
  • Am I able to scale at the pace I am working right now?
  • What tools can I use to make my job easier?

If a lot of these questions hit home for you, it may be time to incorporate the right tools in your life to make it…easier. Check out the options for NLG, so you have more time for you.

With a powerful service like NLG, you may be able to scale much farther and faster if you use it for your benefit. 

Natural language generation laptop

The Future of Natural-Language Generation

We’re living in a world where NLG exists all around us already. Siri, Alexa and Cortana have become household names. There are entire houses built on smart tools and software integrated with your workflow that are all powered by NLG.

Where does this leave the future of NLG and how it impacts our world? Most of the news on NLG points towards the importance of collecting data. The more intellectual data we have fueled by AI, the more we can improve NLG. If we can learn from the data, it can empower the service to be more intuitive and become more of a resource.

There is a common controversial argument of robots becoming too smart and essentially taking over the world and potentially the human race. NLG is not built to combat the world’s problems, it’s meant to enhance the human capacity for productivity. If we can think of NLG as an assistance tool, we can grow along with it.

The Bramework blog builder uses an AI content creator, saving bloggers hours of time with content.

Bramework Wrap Up: NLG and You

We hope you learned a thing or two about the power of AI and that natural-language generation can be a very positive service to use for your content strategy.

At Bramework, we are constantly growing. We are always evolving the blog builder to be smarter, faster and more of a valuable resource for content writers everywhere. Reach out to the team to try out the blog builder or let us know your feedback on the AI content creator. Our goal is to help you write blogs, better.

What are your thoughts on the future of NLG? We’d love to hear from you!

Happy blogging!

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