How to Boost Website Conversions

Whether you know it or not, you need to boost website conversions to stay ahead of the game out there. What does that mean? It means it’s time to make sure your website is converting…better. 

Let’s find out how to increase your website conversion rate and what that means for your brand. We will define conversions, show you some tips and tools to get your website converting faster than you can even create new content. (We can also help with that too.)

Here are the questions we will be answering: 

  • What is a website conversion? 
  • What is a good website conversion rate? 
  • How do I set a good conversion goal? 
  • What are some ways to boost website conversions?
  • What tools do I need to increase website conversions?

What is a website conversion?

If we want to boost website conversions, we first have to learn what they are.

Your website conversion rate is the ratio of visitors to your website that then act on your call to action (download or subscribe, etc.). It looks something like this.

Website conversion rate = Calls to Action divided by # of visitors to your website.

How many people visited your site that actually acted on what you offer? Do you have an email subscription button or form? Do you have an eBook to download? Maybe you have a special offer on a pop up that people are clicking? These are all factors of your website converting and the rate that it happens.

If you’re looking to boost your website conversion rate, there are a lot of ways you can do this. We are going to cover a few in this article!

Your website conversion rate = the calls to action divided by the number of visitors. How's your conversion rate looking these days? Check out this article by @bramework on boosting your website conversions easily. #conversionrate Click To Tweet
website conversion rate

What is a good website conversion rate?

Good question! A good website conversion rate is important for your metrics.

Let’s look at some facts. We found that for every 100 website visitors, you most likely will receive 2 converted customers. That’s a pretty good conversion rate considering! Many websites have a 0.01-0.02% conversion rate which takes 1000 visitors to get 1 customer. So if you are trying to calculate measurement for your own conversion rate, start there!

Across the web, we found that the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, and the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher. That feels high! What are these landing pages doing that the others are not? We are going to find out.

One common reason for a low conversion rate is that people don’t like what they see or they can’t find the information they need. We are going to teach you how to check conversion rate metrics, bounce rate and more so you can stay on top.

The average website conversion rate is 1-2% which feels low but can have a major impact on your agency’s growth.

How do I set a good conversion goal?

So now we know what a good website conversion rate is. Let’s set some goals!

When you set a website conversion rate goal, you will want to consider many factors. A conversion goal is the measurement of an executed CTA on your website. How many times did your CTA convert across what length of time? There you will have your goal. You can create a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly metric for this.

As we mentioned, a few examples include a downloaded eBook, a completed purchase or a subscribe form that has been submitted. If you can get 100-1000 views on your CTA form with 1-10 clicks or downloads, that’s a great goal!

improve your CTA

When you have the right website conversion goal in mind, you can focus your energy on your content

What are some ways to boost website conversions?

Here is where we get into the nitty gritty of really boosting website conversions! Are you ready for some action steps? We compiled all the ways you can increase website traffic conversions, organically. (You’re welcome). Let’s dig in!

  • Copy: Our recommendation is to dial down buzzwords on your website as best you can! If you can write exactly what you do and hope you can help people, it will send a clear message. Watch out for overly worded copy that you use in titles, headings, and ads as well. Simple is always better and will help get your mission across, faster.
  • Landing pages: Avoid too many landing pages if you can! Some feel that they need a very complex website where every single feature needs a landing page, however – there is power in the long page. Encouraging scrolling helps time on page and on-page SEO.
  • Pop-ups: If you are offering a freebie or would like to engage your audience, include a pop-up on your website. There are a few areas you can create unique, engaging pop-ups like your blog, features, or pricing page. Creating a pop-up is a great way to increase website conversions – just don’t make them too annoying.
  • Form analysis: Analyze your forms and compare them with successful ones in the past. Make them easy to navigate and remove unnecessary form fields. A simple format is: easy to read title, one-line subtext, fields with name and email (and maybe a fun image) are all great!
  • Feedback: There is nothing quite like a referral from a happy customer. A great way to boost website conversions is to add testimonials, reviews, and case studies. There are many different ways to do this like adding them to a page, including them in your blog or posting them on social media. Don’t be shy to ask for feedback!
  • CTAs: Strengthen your CTA copy. We all know the power of a good call to action. If you can do some homework on this (like using the Bramework keyword analyzer) and find out what people want to download, subscribe to or enroll in – you are boosting your website conversion rates drastically.
  • Live Chat: Add live chat to your site. If you want to offer more communication lines with your audience, you can install a live chat feature throughout your website. You can even fully customize it to capture leads without you being available. It’s a nice addition to just asking for information on a contact form.
  • Blog Titles: A/B test your headlines! There is a a lot of power in the title of your blog article – and being sure you are gaining the right organic traffic is key to increasing website conversions. Research your blog titles with the Bramework blog builder by finding out the keyword volume and competition.
  • Images: Make sure your images are hyperlinked to their respective landing pages along with the data needed for SEO. Add the ALT text, file name and description – and don’t be afraid to include your keywords there. If you are mentioning a product or brand in your images, be sure to link them!
  • Footer help: Add quick links to your footer for easy access. A great website conversion is an easy grab from a footer. In your footer you should include your landing page quick reference links, your contact information, your social networks and any lead magnets that will help your audience get to you.
  • Bonus conversion ideas: Add a countdown to your pop-ups, add a point of purchase upsell and add a third-party signup service.

Additionally, we compiled the ultimate blogging guide to build and sustain traffic that you might want to check out.

boost website conversions

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What tools do I need to increase website conversions?

As you know, we are nothing without our tools!

We came up with some tools that may help you increase your website conversion rates with ease. These tools range from website management to content marketing. If you’re serious about converting more leads on your website, you’ll need to invest in a strong content strategy! That’s why we created Bramework.

Here are some tools that will help boost your website conversion rate:

At Bramework, we created a tool to help bloggers, blog better. This helps your website conversion rate because your blog is the key to a lead generation strategy for success. The blog builder has built in tools to help you increase website traffic, save time on writing, build brand awareness and improve your SEO ranking.

tool for website conversions

You can boost your website conversion rate just by using the right tools for the job!

Bramework wrap up: Boost website conversions

If you are new to the ‘website conversion rate’ world, don’t get overwhelmed! We are here to help.

At Bramework, we created the blog builder to help you boost website conversion rates with your content. Our goal is to help you blog better so your website converts better! Reach out to the team if you’d like to try out the blog builder and start writing your blogs, better!

What ways do you boost website conversions? We’d love to hear from you.

Happy blogging!

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